Goodbye work, hello world

I’ve been planning it for over six months, but this week my voluntary redundancy became official and I was finally able to announce to my colleagues and the world (i.e. Facebook) that I am saying goodbye to gainful employment and setting off to see the world  in May.

Since it is quite probably illegal to embark on such an adventure without a blog these days, here we are.

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3 Responses to Goodbye work, hello world

  1. Robin Baykoboy Throp says:

    Hi Jackie, Missing you at the Bayko Club meetings. Fantastic journey. Every credit to you. I would have enjoyed trip but not on my own!

    Been to some of sites you have see – well a few anyway.

    Good luck, see you back in UK soon.

    Robin Throp

    • Jax says:

      Hi Robin, great to hear from you! I’m looking forward to catching up on my Bayko newsletters when I get back on the 23rd April and hope to see you all at the next meeting after that!
      cheers Jackie

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