The Plan

There is a great deal of interesting stuff to see out there in the world, as I’m sure you’d agree. I’m a person who likes a Plan so a few years ago I decided that, in order to chose from the seemingly infinite number of “must see” travel destinations on offer, I would concentrate on UN World Heritage Sites. 

I’ve been ticking off the ones I’ve visited on a spreadsheet (yes, I do know how obsessive that sounds) and making sure any trips I was taking detoured to include some sites, but until now I’ve not made much of a special effort to collect the set.

The plan for these travels though is to see as many as possible before the money runs out, omitting a few duller ones. World Heritage sites come in two flavours, Cultural and Natural (and a small number of hybrid Mixed sites) but I don’t intend on visiting the purely natural ones. This is partly because my interest is in architecture and human history and partly because not stomping all over it seems like the best thing for wildlife and the environment.

Now I admit that this does not sound a particularly “open to new experiences”, “get to know the real place” approach to travel but work with me on this. I tend to need structure and if I don’t have an objective I won’t do anything. Indeed on the days when I wonder if I have the mental stamina for prolonged solo travel I remind myself that the alternative is probably an eighteen month lie-in with a bit of unproductive pottering in the afternoons. Which hardly sounds like the best way to fritter away George Osborne’s lovely gift  my hard-earned redundancy payment does it?

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