Lego choices

For the last few days I’ve been assembling and agonising over the contents of my travelling Lego kit.  I’m only taking one piece of carry-on sized luggage (more on that later) so it needs to be small, but versatile enough to make tiny, vaguely recognisable models of a whole range of things, from single buildings, to landscapes.

Those of you who remember when Lego only came in black, white and primaries might be surprised by the range of more naturalistic colours now available and consequently to chose from.  Similarly, there is now a huge and ever growing number of specialised parts, with many of the small ones being ideal for adding texture and detail to small scale models. All of this makes narrowing down the best selection even harder.

To give you and idea of the kind of thing I’m talking about building, have a look at the Microbricks blog linked to on the right and and this castle I built a few years ago:

 lego castle model

I’ve been sitting at my computer, toggling between a Google image search of ‘UN world heritage sites’, photos of microscale models in Flickr and the Lego parts catalogue at to get an idea of, respectively, what I’ll need to build, cunning ways of getting nice effects and what parts are available in what colour.  After a good rummage through the Lego I already have, this culminated in a bit of an online buying frenzy on Bricklink. I have of course left this rather late so I hope all my little brick-filled Jiffy bags arrive in time.  One week and counting…

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