Lego Ait-ben-Haddou

The nearest colour in my travelling kit to the pinky brown of the Ksar of Ait-ben-Haddou is tan. I do have some dark brown (intended to stand for wood) but not really enough for this.  I decided to go for a view intended to represent a couple of the tower houses with some other smaller ones behind. And in keeping with the site’s film set status, it’s all a front, built to be viewed from just one direction.

Lego Ait-ben-Haddou

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3 Responses to Lego Ait-ben-Haddou

  1. Aisling says:

    Hurrah the first model. Sounds like it was a good trip so far. Where next?

  2. Karla says:

    Ooooh… I only just discovered your blog! I’ve read all the posts, I’m up to date and glad to see the first model!! I’ll add you to my list of daily blog reads along with Meg’s.

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