The Medina of Marrakesh

I decided late yesterday to stay an extra day in Marrakesh, partly because I like my accommodation and partly because someone was telling me how much she liked the Majorelle gardens which I’d not had time to visit (they are not part of the heritage site after all). So I’ve spent one day walking my feet off visiting old buildings and managing not getting lost in the souks and another taking it rather more slowly, sketching and contemplating, although I did pull in one last historic site today – the Saadian tombs which I saw on my one previous visit 25 years ago.

The main historic sites seem to be either from the 12th century, when the city that was founded the century before by the Almoravids was taken over and mostly rebuild by the Almohads, or the 16th and 17th centuries when it flourished under the Saadians. The various phases of the medina are still on the whole mazes of small streets, alleys and souks and most buildings are inward looking to couryards so deciding what to build in Lego for this site was tricky. I decided to go with an end view of the 11th century royal tomb, the Koubba El-Badiyin close to the wonderful 16th century Ben Youssef Madrassa. The tomb is apparently the only bit of the Almoravid city not demolished by the Almohads.

Koubba El-Badiyin

Koubba El-Badiyin - a bad photo!

I really wasn’t thinking when I took this picture – half of the thing is obscured. You can see a much better picture here:

And now in slightly unfocussed Lego.

Lego Koubba El-Badiyin

Lego Koubba El-Badiyin

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