Historic City of Meknes

A five an a half hour train journey, including a change at Casablanca, brought me to Meknes. I took a taxi to the old town and set off into the medina to find the cheapest hotel I’d been able to find on the hostel booking site.  I had the alley name and everyone I asked told me it was just straight on and right, or similar.  After following about four of these sets of directions, I stumbled upon it just off an unpaved alley full of dodgy looking scaffolding.  It’s another lovely riad and whilst more than I’d wanted to pay, does at least include breakfast in the price.

I plunged off back into alleys full of tiny clothing shops after checking in, with a ‘three lefts and then a right turn to the main square’ instruction from the hotelier for guidance.  Since the third  left was a dead end, I decided to follow my nose instead and found an old madrassa.

Madrassa in Meknes

Madrassa in Meknes

 I did eventually find a couple of routes to and from my hotel to the square, visited a couple of museums and inspected some of the massive 17th century defensive walls, including this gate, Bab Mansour.

Bab Mansour, Meknes

Bab Mansour, Meknes

And here is my attempt to render it in Lego:

Lego Bab Mansour

Lego Bab Mansour

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