The Medina of Tetouan

This is a small but nonetheless tricky to navigate medina that is apparently the most complete in the country. It dates from when an earlier town was rebuilt in the 15th century by Muslims expelled from Andalusia. It is walled and almost entirely composed of narrow alleys and a few small open areas. For once I allowed someone to become my guide (unfortunately in Morocco you have to work on the assumption that someone being helpful will ask for money sooner or later and take action early to shake them off if you don’t want to pay). He took me to the small but smelly tannery, a donkey park (for people coming into town for the day from the country to sell produce), a variety of old buildings and no carpet shops whatsoever I’m pleased to say. I’d wandered around a bit of the mellah (the Jewish area) the day before but this tour seemed to take in pretty much the whole thing.

Looking down on the Tetouan tannery from the walls

Looking down on the Tetouan tannery from the walls

As usual, the medina is full of tiny lock-up shops, narrow alleys often roofed over by overarching houses, big solid doors, small barred windows and not much to see from the outside.



 I really like these mazes of streets so decided that I’d attempt to render a little bit of one in Lego. This is not one my better models I’m afraid, but it still used up all the plain white bricks I have with me.

Lego Tetouan alley

Lego Tetouan alley

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