Archaeological Ensemble of Mérida

I caught an afternoon bus to Merida from Seville and arrived in the early evening with no hotel booking.  I knew there were a lot of hotels in town but wandering through the evening shoppers with my backpack somehow managed not to find many at all. There are no hostels in this small town so I was looking for a nice one star hotel for a couple of nights. The last couple of stops have been one night only and I wanted a bit of a rest and time to get laundry dry. Once again traveller’s luck lead me to stumble on exactly what I wanted in a street very near the main roman remains I’d come here to see.

Under the romans the town was a regional capital and there are well preserved remains including an amphitheatre, circus, theatre, water supply systems and a river bridge, amongst others. The most impressive bit was the theatre, in which the lower seating (steps essentially) have been restored making it a useable space again – it is the venue for an annual drama festival.

Meridia roman theatre, one side of stage

Meridia roman theatre, one side of stage

Once again roman ruins proved harder to render in Lego than I’d hoped:

Lego Merida roman theatre

Lego Merida roman theatre

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2 Responses to Archaeological Ensemble of Mérida

  1. deborahrs says:

    I love the statue in lego – very impressive. Have a nice wee rest now.

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