Weddings galore

I’m a bit behind on blogging the sites I’ve visited – today I arrived in and saw the old town of Caceres and yesterday I was in Merida for the roman ruins, both of which I’ll post about very soon. Today though, I’m in the mood for sharing my random observations.

Whilst I was out and about today I was struck by the number of people who were dressed to the nines.  When I made it into the old part of  town and found most of the churches full of weddings and many restaurants too, I realised why. Suddenly the little boys in strange outfits made slightly more sense. Well, the small jacket and tie combos did and even the sailor suit. One boy however was dressed in a white collarless suit with gold braid, looking like a miniature South American dictator, which hardly seems appropriate for a wedding.

I stood and watched the aftermath of one wedding this evening, standing at the edge of the square as everyone milled around taking photos of each other while waiting for the stars of the show to emerge – and that took ages, I wonder why?

I’m not a follower of fashion but I can report that shiny suits are popular with young men whilst the women are wavering between maxi dresses in lurid patterns and minis. The old town is cobbled and I spent a happy few minutes watching girls carefully and inelegantly picking their way across the street in stilettos. Unlike dress-up weddings I’ve seen at home, hats were not in evidence other than a couple of fascinators. One thing was familiar though.  When the newly shackled couple emerged from the confetti throwing scrum, it became clear that the young man in the shiny suit had indeed married a meringue with a cleavage.

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