Old City of Salamanca

After Caceres I’d planned to visit the Monastery of Guadaloupe, but the bus times were very inconvenient, so I decided to pay it a day trip later in my journey, travelling from Madrid instead from where the bus times make some sense. So instead I caught a bus north to Salamanca, the three hour journey taking us through a high rocky scrubby landscape.  

Salamanca has an ancient university (established by 1250) and has a history stretching back to before the arrival of the romans. It therefore has romanesque, gothic, moorish, renaissance and baroque architecture to offer including an interesting cathedral, that is a gothic building essentially reversed into an earlier romanesque one. Of course, the gothic bit has later additions, including this baroque encrustation in the lantern over the transept crossing:

Salamanca cathedras

Salamanca cathedras

The central square, the Plaza Major is one continuous facade over an arcade and is pretty impressive, although this photo doesn’t really do it justice.

Plaza Major, Salamanca

Plaza Major, Salamanca

I visited a variety of other places, including a cafe for my first chocolate and churros (my arteries are still recovering) whilst escaping from a short rain storm, but have decided that the entrance to the old university will be my Lego model for this site:

Salamanca University door

Salamanca University door

And now in Lego:

Lego Salamanca University door

Lego Salamanca University door

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One Response to Old City of Salamanca

  1. deborahrs says:

    yay! choc & churros at last! Just wanted to say thank you for making me smile each day!

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