Travelling Lego Kit

For those of you wondering exactly how much Lego I’m lugging around with me, here’s a few photos to give you an idea. I have a listing of the contents, saved as a wishlist on Bricklink, but I don’t know if it’s easily exportable or indeed if anyone would be interested.  I do know that I’ll be making some adjustments when I am next at home though.

Lego kit, with my hand for scale

Lego kit, with my hand for scale

The two little boxes are from Muji and the blue container with lots of little compartments is sold for jewellers to keep beads and so forth in.

Lego kit, open

Lego kit, open

There are two important tools that go with it: a brick separator and the tweezers from my toiletry kit (for fishing tiny parts out of small spaces):

Lego kit with tools

Lego kit with tools

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One Response to Travelling Lego Kit

  1. Ana says:

    Ok, this need way more attention.

    The idea is great and I really how you find a way to translate the things you see into Lego.

    Featuring this as soon as I start my own blog!

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