Old Town of Segovia and its Aqueduct

Another day, another bus journey, this time a one hour journey from Avila to Segovia, with lots of stops along the way at apparently unmarked roadsides. Unlike many of the other towns I’ve visited, there was a map of the town on display in the bus station with more dotted around town, saving me from blundering randomly around the streets looking for the centre. Even more wonderfully, the tourist office had a free map including hotels with their star rating, saving yet more wandering. So top marks to Segovia’s tourist infrastructure.

The circa 50AD roman aqueduct is huge and impressive, built of unmortared ashlar according to one of the numerous bilingual information signs (more excellent tourist office work there) that I read.

Segovia aqueduct

Segovia aqueduct

The old town also has walls, narrow cobbled streets, a gothic cathedral and  an alcazar (fortress) apparently designed by minions of Mr Disney:
Segovia alcazar

Segovia alcazar

 Many of the town’s buildings, both old and new, have a decorative pattern impressed into the wall rendering and I ended up taking lots of photos of the different designs. There are loads more in my Flickr photostream if you’re interested.

Segovia decorated wall rendering

Segovia decorated wall rendering

 I could hardly not make the aqueduct the subject of my Lego model, but as I’ve only got four arches in the smallest size (and even less in larger sizes), you just get a tiny, two span, snippet:

Lego Segovia aqueduct

Lego Segovia aqueduct

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