Monastery and Site of the Escurial, Madrid

After a day off in Madrid yesterday (having a siesta, reading in the park and visiting the Prado after 6pm when it becomes free), today I took a day trip out of town on a suburban train to see the Escorial, a late 16th century building that combines monastery, royal palace, huge church, school and library. 
The Escorial

The Escorial

It is huge and austere, built on a groundplan intended to represent a grill or gridiron, the instrument of martydom of St Lawrence, to whom it is dedicated. It would appear that the reason for this is that the king who commissioned it, Phillip the 2nd, was feeling guilty about accidentally destroying another church dedicated to the toasted saint during a battle.

Inside, there are royal appartments from both the 16th and 17th centuries, with decor and art to match, a rather creepy basement full of endless tombs of royal relations and the fabulously decorated library. Sadly, photography is not allowed inside so I can’t show you any of them, although a Google image search will sort you out (try “escorial library”).

Here’s a photo of the main entrance:

Escorial main entrance

Escorial main entrance

And here’s my Lego version, which uses a rogue grey part because I only have two of them in tan with me and it seemed like the best solution:

Lego Escorial

Lego Escorial

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3 Responses to Monastery and Site of the Escurial, Madrid

  1. deborahrs says:

    Library, yay!!! Its fab!!! I can’t remember: is the first library you’ve seen?
    Only 18 000 volumes I notice.

  2. Richard says:

    Just catching up with your blog and you seem to have done loads. Models are looking really good too. Impressed.

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