Foiled in a quest for rock art

I decided to book two nights in Valencia because the UN website indicated that many of the 700 odd sites of rock art that form just one heritage site are around here. Battling the hostel’s intermittent wifi last night I trawled the web for information on places to visit. The one place that sounded worthwhile was a museum and rock art sites in a tiny place called Tirig, described by one source as close to Castellon, but actually about 70km away. Castellon is at the end of one of the local train lines so I decided to go there to see if I could find a bus to Tirig, the web having yielded no concrete information.

Tirig was not listed as a destination on any of the posters and timetables in Castellon bus station, but a larger place nearby was. Unfortunately there was only one bus a day each way, clearly making it possible to visit Castellon for the day but not the other way round. And today was a Saturday, when there were no buses at all. As this had only been a speculative mission I wasn’t unduly disappointed. Instead I found a nearby park on a handy streetmap, picked up some bread, cheese and tomatoes in a supermarket and headed off for a peaceful few hours with the trees.

As planned, I did some sketching and had a picnic. Then thunder rumbled and the sky got darker and just as I made it under a reasonably protective tree and got my umbrella out, the storm began. The thunder and lightning were close and impressive and the rain was of what I imagined to be tropical storm proportions.

After an hour or so, it eased off and I rolled up my trousers and set off for the railway station. On the way I stopped in at a place called El Corte Ingles which I’ve seen all over and wanted to check out. John Lewis basically.

I warmed up with a hot chocolate and doughnut at the station cafe and went back to Valencia. I decided to get my train ticket for tomorrow and was rewarded with another opportunity to unfavourably compare the Spanish railway system with the British. I was at the station I wanted to leave from and the ticket office was open, but they were only selling tickets for today. Instead I had to walk to another station, get my queue ticket (making sure I got a ticket for the advance purchase queue sequence rather than one of the other three options) and buy it there. There was no actual queue thank goodness, or I might have become sarcastic.

Since I didn’t have a site model to build (although when I do actually see some rock art I’m not sure how I’ll render it) I had time to build Karla a penguin. A couple of weeks ago when I was in Merida, I’d remarked on Facebook that I was watching a Spanish documentary on the antarctic because penguins are cute in any language and that is what she asked for in response. So here it is:

Lego penguin

Lego penguin

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2 Responses to Foiled in a quest for rock art

  1. Karla says:

    Yay! Thanks! I’m a few virus-ridden days behind in my blog reading, but now feel honoured to have my own Lego model. And Wildlife Lego, too… I’m impressed with your block selection. 😉

  2. Martin says:

    Sarcasm. In English?
    I can’t see it really working ….

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