Poblet Monastery

I took another ‘only one bus there and one back’ day trips from Tarragona to see Poblet monastery, only this time it was only a one hour journey each way. This timetable got me there an hour before they opened for the afternoon (time for a picnic!) and absolutely had to go on the first tour round to be sure I got back on time to the unmarked bit of gravel from which my bus departed, late as it turned out.

Poblet monastery - chapter house

Poblet monastery - chapter house

This Cistercian monastery was founded in the 12th century as part of the recolonisation of lands recaptured from the Moors. It was fortified in the 14th century and was also a royal palace. It is mostly Romanesque shading into Gothic with a few Baroque touches, in particular in the sacristy. It is also still a working monastery, but sadly the guide was not a hot monk, as in the sanctary at Guadalupe.

Poblet monastery -  cloister

Poblet monastery - cloister

I decided to go with this view of the entrance to the monastery church, with the Gothic crossing lantern and top of Baroque sacristy in the background and one of the fortified towers in view as well:

Poblet monastery

Poblet monastery

And here it is in Lego:

Lego Poblet monastery

Lego Poblet monastery

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