Hello, I’m back!

Well hello again, long time no blog. Sorry about that, I came home from Spain in mid July and promptly got bitten by the lazy bug. I did find time to build the Lego model of my very last stop – coming up next – but then failed to actually post it. But I’m now embarking on the next stage of my travels so here I am again, coming to you from Mexico City. This is the first stop on what should be a six month or so wander through central and south America, providing that I don’t fall prey to injury, kidnapping or desperate homesickness.

I’ve had an array of inoculations (rabies, yellow fever, etc) and am tooled up with two kinds of malaria tablets and one of those medical kits with sterile hypodermic needles in it. One of my teeth started aching a couple of weeks ago so I ended up having root canal work two days before I flew out, which is cutting it finer than I would have liked. The upside to that is that I have a course of antibiotics in my travelling pharmacy that the dentist gave me just in case.

I also have an improved travelling Lego kit which may or may not become evident as I post models built from it.


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2 Responses to Hello, I’m back!

  1. Martin says:

    Ah, was just starting to worry about not hearing from you and imagining all kinds of bad things (such a drama queen), Am awaiting first Lego with breath fully-bated.


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