Central University City Campus of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

On my second day in Mexico City I got more adventurous and took the metro out to the university, which has a campus so massive that a fleet of free minibuses runs around it on eight or ten different routes, some taking in the metro station. Not having done a ton of homework I headed for the main central area and wandered around.

Mexico City: UNAM

Mexico City: UNAM

Built between 1949 and ’52, this is listed as a world heritage site for its modernist design “integrating urbanism, architecture, engineering, landscape design and fine arts”. It did have an interesting layout, with the faculty buildings on the perimeter of a central grassed and partly wooded area with the road around the edge beyond the buildings.

Mexico City: UNAM

Mexico City: UNAM

What I liked most were the huge mosaic murals on the sides of some buildings – this one using an Aztec style to illustrate the Ptolomaic and Copernican solar systems.

Mexico City: UNAM

Mexico City: UNAM

Tall modern concrete university buildings do not however get me very excited – I studied in them at Bath and worked next to Imperial College for 25 years. Indeed so underwhelmed was I that I am still wondering if I was in the right place. So for now, there is no Lego model.

Mexico City: UNAM

Mexico City: UNAM

I can report though that the Anthropological Museum, which I visited in the afternoon, is terrific, despite lacking a cafe.

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2 Responses to Central University City Campus of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

  1. oh jackie i have been waiting with bated breath for this entry: loved the first photo and, yet … no lego 😦 i do sympathise with why you might be modernist-ed-out (bath uni and imperial college can do that to one) but i hope this doesn’t mean you avoid visiting and posting and photographing other places (Brazil? Chandrigar? Ethiopia?) even if we have to live without the lego. on the other hand, i have learnt to appreciate baroque “monstrosities” more since travelling “over your shoulder”!!

    • Jax says:

      Hi Deborah – sorry to disappoint! I will build a model, if I can confirm that I was actually looking at the right stuff. I do like modern architecture – mostly, but apart from the mosaics this just didn’t seem that special. The UNESCO website has an illustrative photo of a rather interesting building from the campus, but I never found that one. It’s such a huge spread out place that I could only realistically see the central area (and I had difficulty finding my way past a few car parks so maybe not all of that!) hence my lingering doubt of being in the right place.

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