Prehistoric Caves of Yagul and Mitla in the Central Valley of Oaxaca

This is a world heritage site I did not visit. I did take a rattly local bus out to the small town of Mitla but was entirely unsurprised to learn that the local attraction was the Zapotec ruins next to the church. I don’t know where the caves are (although I suspect they are to be found in the mountain side rising behind the town) but they are clearly not a tourist destination and quite probably not open.



So instead I took a look around the ruins, which are less pyramid-y and more residential han others I’ve seen. I really liked the textured geometric wall decoration found on both the inside and outside of the walls.


Mitla - the roof of course is a replica of the conjectured original

I also had a look around the church. It was nothing special but did have an insipid female saint in a glass box which made me suspect that someone had canonised Snow White.

Mitla - saint in church

Mitla - saint in church

You don’t get a Lego model for this visit as it’s not a UNESCO site.  I feel sure this will give rise to complaints, but don’t worry, there’s another one just over the horizon.

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