One that got away

I took another overnight bus back to the capital from Chiloé then a 90 minute one out to the town of Rancagua with the intention of visiting the Sewell Mining Town WHS nearby.

This is the works and company town for a former copper mine. Built on a steep hillside in 1905 for the company’s workers, it was abandoned in the 1970s.

It turned out however, that you cannot arrange a tour of the site (the only way to get there) from Rancagua; you have to book ahead on the company’s website and can actually pick up the tour from the capital Santiago.

So I spent an entirely peaceful day in this reasonably dull town, surfing the interwebs in my hotel room and sitting in the shade in the town square reading and fending off the pushy fortune tellers.

Then I took a bus back to Santiago and flew to my last WHS of that trip, Rapa Nui, aka Easter Island.

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