Sooo, that was nine months ago

After Easter Island, I flew back to mainland Chile, spent a day, mostly in a lovely hilltop park, in Santiago and then flew back to the UK. I’d foolishly booked a flight with a change in New York, not realising that I still needed an online visa waiver for the three hours I’d be spending on US soil. This was explained to me as I attempted to check in. So I had to dash over to a coffee shop, beg for their wifi password and hurriedly buy said waiver online before dashing back to the desk to check in.

I got back to the UK in late April 2012 and promptly got distracted by parties and festivals and whatnot so totally failed to finish the blog, although I did get all the Lego models done.

Then I celebrated my 50th birthday and went to Russia for two months, which I also failed to blog about, mostly because I was feeling remarkably lazy. I do have all the Lego models for that trip done though, so will blog them at some point.

And then two weeks ago, I flew to Sri Lanka, my first stop in a five month tour around Asia, if all goes to plan.

And that is where I am now! So I’d better get cracking and tell you all about it…

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