I worked in the museums of South Kensington for twenty-five years before deciding, on a three-month sabbatical in 2010, that my resilience to stress was plummeting and I really needed to not work for a while. I took the opportunity of the Tory’s decimation of the public sector to propose that my job be one of those made redundant. Funded by my pay-off and an earlier inheritance I determined to set off to see the world before I was too old and decrepit to enjoy it.

I am fat, ginger and fifty and live in south-west London with a partner, six cats and a startling amount of clutter.


9 Responses to Jackie

  1. Mark Eastment says:

    Jackie, so sorry not to have seen you to say goodbye today. Hope all goes well and that we manage somehow to keep in touch! Mark x

  2. Hanlie says:

    We have a few World Heritage Sites and Lego shops. Will we see you here soon?

  3. Mike Ball says:

    I am assuming you have undertaken this project purely to gather material for an article for the Newsletter, a very laudable undertaking. Good on you and take care. Three Friday 13ths next year so you can catch up, missed you on the last one.

    • Jax says:

      Absolutely Mike, no other reason! I was in Morocco last week – when are the next two Friday 13ths?

      • Mike Ball says:

        Not fixed yet, but we can’t wait until next year. I’ll let you know but probably in July, when will you be back?

      • Jax says:

        I’ll be back in mid-late July Mike – I’m not travelling continuously, not at the moment anyway.

  4. I was told about your blog by an ex-work colleague of yours and am dropping in to say I am inspired, amused and green with envy reading your Lego-flavoured travels.

    So much so that I’ve written about your blog for the CraftyCrafty.tv website I write for.

    Hope you don’t mind! Happy travels and may the Lego craft force be with you. 🙂

    • Jax says:

      Wow, thank you – I’m delighted you enjoyed it! I’m currently three monasteries behind on the Lego models and have just arrived in the Azores for a week. regards Jackie

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